for families, children, adolescents and individuals going through life transitions.

Semiramis du Sautoy Educational Psychologist


I specialise in anxiety, trauma, divorce and goal setting.

I am a registered Clinical Counselor with over 12 years of clinical experience working with children and families towards their preferred future. In my work with clients, I focus on their existing strengths to help them build capacity for their desired change.

I received my training in South Africa where I was registered as an Educational Psychologist and ran my own private practice for seven years. Now, in Vancouver, I provide psychotherapy for children from 4 years old to 18 years old; I also work with adult clients. I specialize in the management of anxiety, depression, divorce, behavioral difficulties and life transitions.

I utilize the Solution Focused Therapy approach with my clients. This approach is generally brief in nature and empowers the client to re-evaluate their strengths and utilize those to overcome any challenges they may be facing. It is future focused and allows for goal setting and growth. I welcome all families and individuals with various challenges and look forward to helping you.

“I am more interested in and focused on where the client wants to be, in their preferred future rather than looking back and unpacking the problem and looking at the past.”


Managing Anxiety , Trauma , Divorce , Goal Setting, Life Transitions

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“Inviting families and children to grow and maintain happiness.”

When children are referred to therapy, often the adults in their lives are at their wit’s end, the school is feeling desperate and parents are left feeling helpless or feel as though they are bad parents. The child generally takes on these negative projections and unintentionally starts acting the way others perceive them. As a result they frequently play into these negative expectations and an unhealthy and problem saturated cycle ensues.

Imagine an environment where the same adults are able to empower the child to be the best version of themselves. An environment where they can explore different possibilities. Imagine a space where a problem does not become a label and diagnosis, but is approached with sustainable solution building possibilities and achievable goals within a short timeframe. This is Solution Focused Therapy. Instead of looking back, I look forward and focus on externalising the problem. so the child can feel liberated and is invited to work towards a preferred future that allows for growth and positive outcomes. This in turn builds healthy relationships and success in school.

Through the Solution Focused approach not only does the child benefit, but so do the significant people (parents, teachers and friends) from the ripple effect of problem free talk and solution building. All parties facilitate and sustain the positive change and ultimately benefit from its impact.

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Semiramis du Sautoy Educational Psychologist

A SUSTAINABLE APPROACH TO CHANGE: We’ll create a collaborative relationship where we are future focused and work with what we have.

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Semiramis du Sautoy (Sami)
Registered Clinical Counsellor, BCACC: 16186

BA (Hons): Psychology • B.Ed (Hons): Educational Psychology • M.Ed: Educational Psychology Practice Number 0446793

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